Hotel Information

You wouldn’t think something like setting up a block of rooms for your guests at a local hotel would be such a big decision, right? I can’t believe how much thought and debate went into this one! Kathy (our contact at Black Bear Crossings Pavilion…also the mom of one of my childhood friends!) was kind enough to send me over a list of vendors that they often work with. This was a great starting point for a lot of our vendor research. She listed a few hotels and even told me that one of them is only a few miles away and has a free shuttle for the guests! Earlier this year, my sister Erin was able to find a hotel that also had a shuttle. The shuttle was able to pick guests up at the end of the reception and drive them safely back to the hotel. This was not only convenient, it was AWESOME!

Now that I’ve got you all excited about this option, I will crush your spirit. The hotel that was recommended to us was booked to capacity back in May! To quote Stephanie Tanner, “How rude”. It seems that the Minnesota State Fairgrounds hosts a “Back to the 50’s” weekend every year and it just so happens to fall over Golducci Wedding Weekend next June. They always book that same hotel for all of the employees to stay in…lame.

So, after moping around about that let down for a few months, we started to research some other hotel options. It appears that no other hotel in the Como/Roseville area offers a shuttle option for their guests. But, with the help both of our mothers, we have chosen a hotel and set up a block of rooms for our guests to reserve.

Here are the details:

Holiday Inn Express Roseville

2715 Long Lake Road, Roseville, MN 55113

Phone: 651-636-5800  Fax: 651-636-9414


**Ask for the Goldin/Martinucci Wedding Block when you make your reservation!

Link with directions and a map from the airport to the hotel:


 Here is also the number for Super Shuttle 1-800-258-3826. Super Shuttle is a shuttle service from the airport to us that you schedule ahead of time and it is $23 one way per person. A taxi will cost about $60 from the airport.



This week turned out to be full of great shoe deals. I had asked all of the bridesmaids to do their best to find some gold, strappy heels to wear. Erin had recently bought a very cute pair, so we used her shoes as a base for the style. Thanks to the help of my Mom, who decided to run a quick search on Amazon, our bridesmaids will not be barefoot on June 16! The shoes are adorable, plus they were a great price and there was not extra shipping charge! It really can’t get any better. Here is what has been purchased:



I really do hope that those shoes are something that will be worn again by each of the bridesmaids. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that they don’t hurt anyone’s feet!

I popped in to St. Paul for a quick visit this weekend and was very excited to find that my dress has arrived! It was really fun to try it on again and to give my Dad a chance to see the dress. I was relieved to get Anya’s (my 6-year-old niece) seal of approval. She has given me permission to wear the dress for the wedding and even told me she likes the sparkly part. Whew.

After trying on my dress again, I had a much better idea of what size heel I wanted to look for. The dress actually fits pretty well already, I was able to order it in a petite size, so the length is much more reasonable for my shrimpy height. I decided to look for about a 2 inch heel. After searching online for about 30 minutes, I found my dream shoes! I loved them as soon as I clicked on the picture and ordered them right away.



Zappos offers some great deals on a lot of shoes. One thing that I was really excited about is that they offer free shipping, free return shipping and their time limit to return stuff is really long. The only worry I have now is that the shoe color won’t match what is in the picture. I really want pink shoes and I feel like the color in the picture is very similar to the bridesmaid dresses. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that the picture is accurate!













Vendor Updates

The past two weeks have allowed us to confirm a few more vendors.


While in Minnesota over Labor Day weekend, we were able to meet with photographer Bill Raab. Bill owns his own company, Exposed to Light, which I had mentioned in an earlier post. We had breakfast with him on Sunday morning and both left the restaurant feeling like Bill was a good fit. He was very honest about his resume and seemed to genuinely care about the people he has worked with in the past. Bill’s wife will join him on our wedding day to work as his assistant. I was very glad to hear about her role, as she will work to make sure all of the pictures we request have been taken and that we are staying on schedule.

We spent some time on Saturday morning showing the Goldins around the Como Park area. We had pretty good timing, as there was a wedding being set up in the Pavilion and a reception was set up in the visitor center. The previous time that Alex and I had been to each location, neither of them were set up for weddings, so it was great to get a better idea of how things will look. We found a lot of great looking locations that could be potential spots for bridal party and family pictures. Como is really a beautiful park and June should be a great time of year for pictures! Bill has never shot a wedding in the Como area, so we came up with the idea to meet over there some time in the Spring to find the best spots for pictures.

Earlier this week, we decide on and signed a contract with a DJ company. We were pretty sure we wanted to use Midwest Sound, (as my sister Erin and a few of her friends had used that company and all were pleased with their performance), but I wanted to price/package compare them with a few other companies just to be safe. I talked to 4 or 5 companies in the Twin Cities area and gathered some quotes. I was surprised to see prices range up to $300 between the companies for almost the exact same package. In the end, Midwest Sound was able to quote us the best price.  The comfort of knowing that they are reliable, on top of the price made it an easy decision.


We came out of this week feeling very “wedding accomplished”. Not only did we sign the contract with Midwest Sound, but all 4 of our bridesmaids ordered their dresses and my dress is ready for pick-up!

The trip to David’s Bridal only last about an hour, but we were able to view a lot of beautiful dresses! I brought a list of the bridesmaid dresses that I liked, but unfortunately they only had 2 of the styles in the store. My consultant tried to find a few similar styles to help us get an idea of how they would fit the girls, but it was still a bummer. It all worked out ok though, the style that I have liked the most the whole time was a winner! It looked nice on each of the girls and should look great with our summer wedding. I was also very happy with how the Watermelon color looks in person. I had been worried that it would turn out too red or even too bright of a pink color for my taste once we saw it in the store. But I think the picture is actually pretty accurate.


Here it is:


Wedding Party Update

We have almost all of our wedding party set. We have decided to have 4 bridesmaids and 4 groomsmen, plus 3 ushers. Almost all of these people have been asked and accepted the positions. We will both be seeing some of them this weekend and plan on asking them at that time. That will just leave us with 1 usher to confirm!

Here is who made the cut:


  • Jay P, Best Man-Friend of the Groom
  • Matthew G-Brother of the Groom
  • Brett F- Friend of the Groom
  • Christopher Elliott- Cousin of the Groom


  • Sara M-Sister of the Bride
  • Anna M- Sister of the Bride
  • Erin M-K-Sister of the Bride
  • Emily G- Sister of the Groom


  • Rob H- Friend of the Groom
  • Dylan O- Brother-in-law of the Bride
  • Chuck K- Brother-in-law of the Bride

Adorable Children:

  • Flower Girl: Anya O-Niece of the Bride
  • Ring Bearer: Luke O- Nephew of the Bride

As you can see, we have kept it very close to the family. We both just had a lot of family members that we are close with and wanted to share our special day with us. It’s nice that our families have been some of the people who have spent the most time with us together, so they really know as a couple.

I have decided not to have a Maid of Honor. Having all family members as my bridal party made it too hard to choose between them. It was stressing me out to try to choose between my sisters so I decided not to make the decision! My plan is to divide up the traditional MOH tasks between my sisters and hope that they all feel honored!

Engagement Pics

The executive decision has been made to do our engagement pictures in San Antonio!! We are looking at a weekend in October, hoping that the weather will be a little more pleasant in Texas at that time.

It’s kind of a bummer that we can’t do this session with our actual wedding photographer (tbd). Most photographers offer an engagement session as part of the wedding package. Plus, it gives you a good chance to get to know their style and see some of their work.

We have been wanting to take a trip to SA since we arrived in Texas, so this is a fun excuse to get out there for a quick weekend. I’ve been trying to research some photographers and find someone who is available when we are. I’m hoping to do most of the pictures down along the river walk, but we’ve never been there so I’m sure the photographer will be able to tell us the coolest spot!

Maybe we should wear our cowboy boots in some of the pictures to make them extra Texas-y!

Bridesmaid Dresses

Over the past month or so, I have become slightly obsessed with looking at pictures of bridesmaid dresses online. I’ve mostly been searching around David’s Bridal but I also  have a bridal magazine subscription (thanks to my future mother-in-law) that is filled with pictures and random dress websites to scour.

I’ve been able to narrow down my choices a bit. I knew going into the search that I wanted the dress length to be somewhere around the knee. I also knew that I want some shade of pink.  Most of DB’s dresses come in a variety of colors and have 1-2 pink options. The watermelon shade is what I’m leaning toward, but I’m a little nervous that it will be intensely bright in person. I’m all for a strong shade of pink, but what bride wants the guest’s attention on the bridesmaids??

I had a dress style in mind when I started looking. I actually had the idea from a dress that Emma Watson wears in the 6th Harry Potter movie.  Here is an awful picture of it (it’s all I could find)…http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100103012127/harrypotter/images/a/a5/Hermione_Granger_Slug_Club_Christmas_Party.jpg

You can sort of get the style idea from that picture.  I was just excited to find a way to tie HP into my wedding planning without being a super-nerd.

I found a style that I think is pretty similar at DB:


But, I couldn’t just stop there and be happy with that dress. I’ve probably looked through all of their dresses at least 5 times. I’ve ended up with a list of 6 dresses for the girls to try on. We have planned a trip to DB the Friday before Labor Day. Alex and I will be going up to MN for the holiday weekend along with his parents and sister. 

Here are my top 6 dress (in no particular order):