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Hello and Welcome to the AKGolducci Blog!

My plan is to use this space to share details, stories and ideas for our wedding. I hope to share how our planning is going and what kind of decisions we are making for our big day!

Our first few decisions have been made. We have set the date for June 16, 2012. I was able to convince Alex that Minnesota would be a great place for our wedding and have promised that June in Minnesota will provide at least decent weather (but hopefully it will turn out to be much nicer than decent!)

When we started talking about what kind of setting we wanted for our day, Alex shared that he wanted some sort of beach or water scene. Well, lucky for us, Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes! I convinced him to check out Como Lake in St. Paul and we both fell in love with the location on our first visit. We plan to have our ceremony at Black Bear Crossing on the Lake (aka Como Pavilion) and will host our reception just a few minutes away at the Como Zoo and Conservatory.

We have started to research a few other options including; photographers, DJ’s, and officiants. I hope to have some more info on some of those choices soon!


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