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This week turned out to be full of great shoe deals. I had asked all of the bridesmaids to do their best to find some gold, strappy heels to wear. Erin had recently bought a very cute pair, so we used her shoes as a base for the style. Thanks to the help of my Mom, who decided to run a quick search on Amazon, our bridesmaids will not be barefoot on June 16! The shoes are adorable, plus they were a great price and there was not extra shipping charge! It really can’t get any better. Here is what has been purchased:



I really do hope that those shoes are something that will be worn again by each of the bridesmaids. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that they don’t hurt anyone’s feet!

I popped in to St. Paul for a quick visit this weekend and was very excited to find that my dress has arrived! It was really fun to try it on again and to give my Dad a chance to see the dress. I was relieved to get Anya’s (my 6-year-old niece) seal of approval. She has given me permission to wear the dress for the wedding and even told me she likes the sparkly part. Whew.

After trying on my dress again, I had a much better idea of what size heel I wanted to look for. The dress actually fits pretty well already, I was able to order it in a petite size, so the length is much more reasonable for my shrimpy height. I decided to look for about a 2 inch heel. After searching online for about 30 minutes, I found my dream shoes! I loved them as soon as I clicked on the picture and ordered them right away.



Zappos offers some great deals on a lot of shoes. One thing that I was really excited about is that they offer free shipping, free return shipping and their time limit to return stuff is really long. The only worry I have now is that the shoe color won’t match what is in the picture. I really want pink shoes and I feel like the color in the picture is very similar to the bridesmaid dresses. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that the picture is accurate!














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